Responsibly Facilitating the Reuse of Secondhand Clothing - Since 1989

For 35 years One Ten Enterprises has been committed to the responsible export of secondhand textiles. Before circularity was a thing we were running rings around the sector. Our goals are many: Reduce textiles to waste, Provide Employment Here and Abroad, Be the Most Trusted Reseller of Used Clothing, and Always Do Our Best.

Reducing Waste, Supporting Australian Charities, Providing Jobs To Australians As Well As Underprivileged Workers Abroad

Reducing Landfill by Facilitating the Reuse of Textiles

A Brief History

One Ten Enterprises is a wholly Australian owned company that was established in 1989 when the founder noticed that ‘op shops’ had little choice but to pay huge sums of money to dispose of their surplus stock.

One Ten Enterprises became the solution that:

  • Turned a significant expense for charities into a new income stream for Australian charities
  • Drastically reduced waste/landfill in NSW and eventually QLD
  • Benefited the Australian economy with export dollars
  • Created employment opportunities in Australia, Dubai and Africa
  • Provided small business opportunities in Africa

One Ten Enterprises is 100% Australian Owned and Operated.

One Ten Enterprises has no Australian Retail Outlets, 100% of purchases from Australian Charities are exported.

Supporting the Australian Economy through the earning of Export USD.

We export to countries where quality used clothing is in demand. Our end users include consumers, small business owners and large business.

Using meticulous sorting processes we are able to ensure all items are fit for purpose, Our intensive processes guarantee that the contents of our bales won’t end up in offshore landfill.

Our Point of Difference is Benevolence & Honesty

  • Our founder vowed to never complete with, or undercut Australian charities.
  • One Ten Enterprises does not sell any stock via retail stores nor do we own or operate collection bins.
  • We buy all of our stock directly from charities so they still benefit from the donations they receive and Australian consumers have ‘first dibs’ via op shops.
  • Every item we purchase from charities is rigorously inspected and sorted in Dubai before export.
  • One Ten Enterprises has never undermined a charitable organisation in Australia or overseas, that promise alone sets up apart from other commercial textile recyclers.
How it Works

Australian charities inevitably end up with items that are either unsuitable for sale or haven’t been sold after a certain time on display, this is referred to as surplus stock.

In the past surplus stock was sent to landfill and the disposal fees cost charities tens of thousands of dollars a year.

Aside from cost, the environmental impact was huge, textile waste releases greenhouse gases and also leaches toxins and dyes into the earth.

One Ten Enterprises purchases surplus stock from Australian charities and keeps
it out of landfill. We sort it, bale it and export only saleable items to Africa.

Head Office – Sydney

Across NSW we have three depots, a growing fleet of late model vans and a team of enthusiastic and friendly drivers. All items we purchase and collect in NSW end up at our headquarters in Moorebank, there everything is baled ready for export to one of our sorting facilities in The UAE.

Sorting Warehouses - United Arab Emirates

Our employees carefully inspect then sort the stock into categories before baling it for export. If something is found to be faulty but still useable, our staff repair & upcycle. Shoes and handbags are cleaned, glued, polished, restitched, faded denim is dyed and textiles are upcycled into new items. Our staff receive above award wages and enjoy working conditions that are on par with those you would expect here in Australia. Our sorting warehouses are air-conditioned and industrial fans are aplenty. PPE is provided to all staff, water coolers are in place and regular breaks are encouraged.

Distribution Warehouses Where Most Needed

We have warehouses in countries where there is a genuine demand for affordable, clean, quality used clothes. We sell all of the stock at a low per kilo rate and our buyers are often small business owners. We also operate a charity in Africa and provide free clothing to mothers who are in need of assistance.

Contact us

    Working Towards a Healthier Greener Tomorrow

    NSW 0401 357 161 / 0430 613 281 or QLD 0411 711 110

    8 Centenary Ave, Moorebank, NSW 2170

    15A/161 Kent Street, Millers Point NSW 2000